More Than A Poem

‘More than a Poem’ is a photo essay on Rick’s childhood home of Gunnedah in north-west New South Wales. He has long held affection for the place he still calls home and always found comfort in the way everything remains the same.

He returned to Gunnedah to capture the ordinary and extraordinary people at the core of country life, revealing there is more than beauty in its landscape.

It’s little wonder this beautiful area inspired Australia’s most quoted and best loved poem ‘My Country’ by Dorethea Mackellar.

As the title suggests Gunnedah is ‘more than a poem’. The vivid narrative only captures the plains, the mountains, and the wide brown land – omitting its breath, spirit and sense of humour of its people.

A community in the truest sense.

Where people you bump into, call you by name – everybody’s somebody in Gunnedah.

Limited edition prints are available.